Guests can change or cancel their rental with no additional charge. Upon cancellation, you will receive a credit for the amount of hours booked (if your booking was 1, 2, or 3 hours) or the dollar amount spent (for half day, short day, or full day reservations) that can be applied towards a future reservation with us. Full day, short day and half day reservations’ hours cannot be split up and used separately. This credit does not expire. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.


We love pets! They are more than welcome to come into the space with you and your family. All we ask is that you bring appropriate cleaning supplies for any messes or hair left by the pet.


Our max capacity in each space is 50 people (hard cap).

Food & Drink

You’re more than welcome to bring in any food or drink into the space. We ask that you follow TABC guidelines when it comes to alcohol in the space and please keep all food and drinks inside the suite.

When Do I show Up/Leave?

Please ensure that you include all setup and clean up time within the amount of time booked. Guests hosting events won’t have the ability to come any earlier than 10 minutes before their reservation start and must be out by the ending time.


Parking is free at all of our locations. Please check your confirmation email for specifics regarding the space you’ve booked. 

Square Footage

Dallas White: 1300 sq. ft. Dallas Red: 1200 sq. ft. Fort Worth: 1000 sq. ft. Plano: 1600 sq. ft.


Each space has Bluetooth speakers for you to set the vibe. The speakers are named Pyle and the pin to connect is 0-0-0-0


Here are the network names and passwords for each space: Lumen Room White password: lumenroom Lumen Room Bryan Street password: lumenroom Lumen Room FW password: lumenroom76104


We offer farmhouse tables that seat 10-12 people at each of our Dallas locations. We do not currently have tables and chairs in our Fort Worth space. Any additional chairs and tables will need to be brought in by the renter.