Lumen Room Dallas: red


Lumen Room Red is located in the Brannon Building at 4301 Bryan Street, Suite 303, Dallas, TX 75204. This 1200-square-foot historic loft was built in 1924 and offers a traditional loft-style aesthetic. The large window faces west and provides diffuse light in the mornings and direct light in the afternoons.


  • variety of couches, chairs, and stools

  • restrooms across the hall

  • backdrop stand

  • clothing rack

  • workshop table (seats 10-12)

  • refrigerator (coming soon!)

  • light-filtering roll down shades (coming soon!)

  • wifi (coming soon!)


I need to cancel or reschedule. What happens next?

Renters can change or cancel their rental with no additional charge. Upon cancellation, you will receive a credit for the amount of hours booked that can be applied towards a future rental with us. This credit does not expire. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. 

What furniture do you have available? Is it free?

We have a variety of couches and chairs available for use free of charge! You can view them in the slideshow above or on our Instagram feed. Furniture pieces are subject to change at any time due to wear and tear or aesthetic discretionary changes made by management. 

Can i come early? can i stay later?

More often than not, there will be someone scheduled before or after your rental time. Please do not plan on entering the space earlier or staying later than your time listed. This is a community space and we ask for everyone to respect our fellow creatives' time and efforts. 

Can I host small events and workshops at Lumen Room red?

Yes! Contact us to inquire about hosting an event in the space.